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The Vanity Vixen


Vanity - Pride in one’s appearance or abilities.

Vanity – A dressing table used to apply makeup, preen, and coif hair. The table is normally quite low and similar to a desk, with drawers and one or more mirrors on top. Either a chair or bench is used to sit upon.

Vixen - A female fox.


The Vanity Vixen is a place I wanted to create for women of all size and color to feel at peace. So, I created an online women’s boutique to provide first class customer service to my customers all around the world. I look forward to bringing you the latest fashion at affordable prices.  I aim to make all customers feel comfortable while creating their own sense of style so they can stand out, while fitting in!

Welcome! Have a seat at the vanity, Vixen. 

Contacts us @ (972)-884-0000